They All Love My Kimchi Noodle

Remember last week I teach you how to cook Kimchi Noodle (See Here) ? Last Saturday night I cooked it for my friends and let them try. But this time I don't use Maggi Kari Mee, I use Mamee Kari Xtra Pedas (coz my friend's house don't have maggi) and I found that this Mamee Kari Xtra Pedas with Kimchi are more delicious than I use the Maggi one!!!
That night I cooked one big pot 5pack mamee cook one half pack of kimchi less than 10 minutes finished! The noodles all gone, the pot still warm and still can see the steam floating up!! I don't know we all hungry like the buaya or what but is really yummy yo!
I eat until I sweat my head wet. They all say is nice and never experience this kind of taste before and They all now all know how to cook at home liao!! 
Boys and Girls do try this at Home!!!

Try with this Mamee... is much more better than Maggi cook with Kimchi!!