Subok Kolomee

Beside the Losan Kolomee and Beragan Ah-Heng Kolomee do you know where do you can find those Kolomee cook in the house one?? Here are the another one newly open at Subok! Now is call Subok kolomee! Last weekend I went to try it there... Eh the almost same like Losan and Berangan one lah... selling soya sauce egg, chicken wing, chicken feet and also kolomee too! 
How was the food???
Eh.. I can say is Ok not bad lah! For people live at Subok there is a good place to eat not need to drive out to town and eat supper anymore! If from my house to there is a bit far lah.. I prefer go Losan one! 
But one thing I like the Subok one is their Kolomee portion is bigger and more noodle the Losan and Berangan one and only $2.00
Siok right.. now the Subok got more thing to eat there liao!  The ZuiQing Nasi Lemak also one of the best Nasi Lemak in town I love it very much. 
Oh btw forget to tell you all where is this place Subok Kolomee it. Is just the next simpang of ZuiQing nasi lemak there! Up hill T junction first house on the left!!!! Very easy to find at night time one.
This is the Subok kolomee lah!!!

And the Chicken wing, feet and egg!