Should Have One Of This Before Any Accident

Yesterday when we bring the speakers to visit The Royal Regalia I notice there is something very important is missing which is you see what you see on the picture above!! I can't remember we have this there before or the road repair sudah never paint it back but what ever is that I think we should paint it back and put up the sign and the light!
This place is a tourists a must visit place in town I think we should consider a little safety issue for them.  What if there is one day touch wood touch wood one car hit the visitors like bowling pin flying up and down. Some more in a day there is more than hundred visitors across this road especially during the cruise boat arrive and tours!!
Not only safe for the tourist but also for our children too coz every year there is thousand of students came here with their school bus. Buses cannot just stop in front the building they must park at the big car park and across the road so I think the  Pedestrian crossing or Zebra crossing is a must must must have one... Please paint one over there!!!

Tourist visiting season is back... today I saw 2 buses full one visitors came here! 

We shouldn't ignore the Pedestrian crossing and the sign putting there!