Python Caught At Gadong!!!

Not only you Wow..... when I my friend send me this photo the time I also wow 2 times in the car! Yesterday afternoon my friend send me a photo said he caught a snake at behind this shop at Gadong first time in my mind I was thinking how was this snake come to this area one!! Is it the snake use Purple Bus kah!!! This place is all building no jungle I don't understand how the snake can cross the road and come here! The only one solution I can think is the snake use the longkang behind the mall there all the way slowly slowly from big longkang transit and transit ti small longkang until here and hide at the sampah area eat the mouse there! 
Lucky the snake have been caught before one day eat dogs oh.....
Now the snake already release back to the jungle by my friend so no worries you think it eat my some people lah..hehehe But is true oh.. if long long time ago Chinese people see this thing sure tonight clay pot or steamboat one loh!!!

One of my friend say this is a Reticulated Python!!