#Project1983 Wheel Got Problem!

Problem... Problem!!! Now look like my #Porject1983 have to pump more S11 into the car now! Fixing the car rusty part is nearly done only left 10 to 5%. The coming next stage of the car is sand paper rip off all the old paint before putty! So today before that stage I bring the car to the tyre shop just next block away from the workshop! I bring my old off road tyre when to change but this simple work also need to took 2 hours to finish it coz the Rims in and out also rusty too. Right after the old tyre take out the rims have to use tyre tube to fit the wheel I bought! There is 2 wheel the rims is too rusty especially at the back and the tube hole!! 
Bad day right.... I think maybe is because today is the Friday The 13th lah!! So I rush up and down look for the tyre tube for the size of the rims!! Maybe is because of this day no people want to use tyre tube already and that's why I looking around in town no one is selling it anymore! I thought it was my end of the day liao...some more today is Friday all shop close at 12noon, last last I make a call and ask SHHco and lucky they still have the stock!!! After I hear that I tarus fly there and pay!! Now the #Project1983 can back to the workshop and continue the project but I still need to buy a new rims for the car!!! I have to get ready another 2K for this project liao lah!!!

Aiyoyo..... I tot I can use this old tyre to practice how to drive 4x4.... now only can use it until the day when the car done painting only :(

 This is the 2 rims has the big rusty and the back and inside the rims! 

Is there any cheap way to fix it so I don't have to buy new rims and tyre???