#PROJECT1983 1st December 2013

This is my second posts of my Mitsubishi Pajero project I called this #Project1983 coz this car is born during 1983 which mean she 30 years already oh!!
Today I went to see her at the workshop and now she start do her makeover already! Inside all carpet, seats all removed, outside now slowly part by part see where got hole one and welding it back! At first I thought it just a little bit part is rusty only but after the carpet removed and use hammer bang bang slowly found many spot also rusty too! Now I got few things have to look for the spare parts which is the Steering Wheel, Front and rear windscreen rubbers, Window Rubbers.... So I think maybe I have to go Miri or KK look for some of this parts! hehehe if don't have I also don't know what to do.. maybe just modified or ignore it lah! 

A Panorama view inside my #project1983

When I saw this I also shock didn't know it was so big piece rust already! 

 I feel like the car is a wooden house now here. Every where attack by the termite 

 Here also rusty.......

Here also rusty too....

Before...... It has a tennis ball size hole under the fuel paddle if no take out the carpet also don't know got hole there! 
 After..... Now Ok and done!

 Backside no spare tyre and bumper also not bad looking too!!!! 

On the front left wheel side I found something have to repair. Not so big deal... I checked at Gadong auto part there got stock!!!

Right side there is oil leaking but not sure what oil is that... maybe is the Power Steering Oil leaking!!