Park Garden Hotel Restaurant

Some you do think boring to cook and don't know where and what to eat right? Yeah me also same same like that in a week there is 2 to 3 times don't know what and where to eat! Last night went to see see look look what to eat and I bumped into a place that is my first time there which is the restaurant of Park Garden Hotel at Jerudong there! 
I think there still some people out there don't know where is this place! Park Garden Hotel is after the Bomba on the right hand side.
So last night I ate there and I order few dishes and I found that is 2 dishes I love it now which is the BBQ Lamb and the Minced Chicken Mix Salted Fish.... Good Good you can have a try when next time you come here!
Another thing that impress me is their menu, they using mini ipad one oh!!! So easy and detail with looking at the pictures! And you also can use the iPad mini to online or play the apps they have a free wifi there too! 

This place easily can fit hundreds people makan there, Do event here also not bad, easy and plenty car parks too!  

I want to try this next time after I send my wife to work..hehehe

This is their menu... using iPad Mini tu don't play play.

This is the BBQ Lamb I like one lah! Very soft and tasty too! 

This is a new dishes I first time eat.. Minced Chicken Mix Salted Fish nice I love it! 
The salted egg prawn also not bad. 

The last dishes I order Clay pot tofu. Also not bad too