How To Cook Kimchi Noodle Fast and Easy!!!

Do you like to eat Kimchi Noodle? Have you ever think of how to cook a Homemade Kimchi Noodle at home? I can show you how to cook and is very easy and more delicious than you pay a $8.00 at outside Korean restaurant! Of coz my way is more cheaper too and you can cook it in less than 3 minutes some more... Ya it sound unbelievable right! I have my own recipe normally I don't teach people one but today I invited my new secret recipes and I think I should let you all try and pass it to your friends so everyone can have a nice and easy simple fast way to cook Kimchi Noodle! 

The ingredients are very easy and simple! Obviously Kimchi we have to buy at supermarket or Korean Restaurant there lah! then some chicken and fish cake. If you like to use Beef, pork, or fish also can lah is up to you what you want to add! 
Now here comes my secret recipe.... One Pack of.... Mee Maggi Curry!!!! hahahahah ya is sound stupid but this 2 things (kimchi and maggi) mix together it just like Chocolate and Strawberry they both are perfect match!!!
How do you cook the Mee Maggie Curry? I'm sure 90% of people sure cook it with egg right? No matter how you cook or what you put forever it still the Mee Maggi Curry but my one it taste like a Korean food... If I never tell you'll not know it maggi mee tu!!!
So let's try it and share it with your friends a new way to eat Maggi Mee!!!! 

 Now let's show you how to cook Kimchi Mee Soup!!! Very simple as what you see... I use this Kimchi buy at supermarket and one pack of maggi curry mee! Just cook as how you cook maggi mee saja! Water boiled put the mee, put the curry powder and put kimchi!!! How much you like to eat the kimchi put as you like!!!

 I added additional chicken and fish cake in!!!!

 Then cook it for 3 minutes.......

And that is it!!! This is my Homemade Kimchi Noodle.... yummy yummy!!!