Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine

If you same like me like to eat Indian foods then I strongly recommended you try this newly open at Cities Square Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine!! They have several foods that I never try in any Indian restaurant in town. They are one of the unique Indian restaurant in town and also the only one in town they use charcoal to grill their tandoori chicken. In they menu I also found their prices also reasonable not over charge especially their whole tandoori chicken only cost B$18.00 of coz I did not order that coz I only one person eat how to finish right so I just order some of their signature dishes like the Charcoal Gill Tandoori, Tiger Prawn and also a very special tea that I never have in my life which is their Tandoori Tea!!
Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine is located at the Cities Square just next to the Fish&Co. I really love the restaurant design, make me feel like I'm eat in a Indian people's house! Then I notice there is an old man photo hang on the wall then I realize that is the owner's late father that's why they name restaurant after this father's name to remember their dad! 
There is few more things is kinda unique about this restaurant! I'm so surprise to know that the manager Mr. Ali he know how to speak Chinese too!! For those chinese friends is you next time go there don't forget to try talk to the manager with Chinese... I feel so close and like know him long time ago! Mr.Ali is a very nice guy.. he can explain and help you want you like to order! If you not sure what to eat.. please ask for his suggestion! Oh... talk about order, their restaurant also very updated one, they use Mini iPad you place your order!  Menu, picture, prices all in one! 
Recommend have a try over here! thumbs Up!

Panorama view of Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine.

The owner's late father Mr. Haleem.
Now I remember him.... He is the old man I use to buy drinks and cigi at Airport departure during 90's where we like to hang around there! 

Their menu are using Mini IPad to place your order! Very easy to use and understand their foods! I like it... Not like other one I have to guess how was it before I order!!

 I give 10/10 of this Pepper Pappadam with Mango Cathi!! The sauce and the Pappadam are so matching totally awesome!  It just like the local Koropok must eat with Acar!!!

The first one and only you can have in town use charcoal to grill Tandoori Chicken. They only use Spring Chicken to grill and that's why it was so soft and yummy!

This is another Haleem's signature dishes Mutton Shish Kebab. It also use Charcoal to cook!

Tandoori Tiger Prawn have a try!!! Are you wondering what is that green sauce? That's is Peppermint Yogurt Sauce! 

 This is my first time I try on an Indian's special tea.. Tandoori Tea! This one must hot hot drink when you after the meal!!! You may not like it when the first sip me also the same but after few sip I start like it especially after I after eat the curry! 

The manager Mr.Ali he can speak chinese too!!

Next time I go Haleem's Authentic Indian Cuisine at Cities Square I was to try this beverage Saffron Milk. Wondering how was it taste hope is nice!!

 Prices are reasonable and many news dishes I never try!! The dosa have many style oh!! CheeseDosa... I wanna try next time.