BioTHIK Arrived

Do you still remember this BioTHIK that I ipost in my blog that my friend kidnap me for doing demo at one of the salon (CLICK HERE) hehehe after that post many people keep asking me where they can get that BioTHIK. Now bruther no worries you can SMS or whatsapp this number 8864369 for further information.
To have a thick hairs back like the time when you young is not a dream anymore you can have it back in just 2 minites! The one I show in picture above is using the Hair Building Fiber and Fiber Locking Mist of coz lah buthers that is just temporary one after shower we all back to Botak again.... But this is good for emergency use one lah like go party, dinner or your friend's wedding lah! The best way is to use their other products to help us to grow back our hair lah!
Their is 3 simple step same like we all normal wash hair at home lah! If you are normal hair type use Scalp Cleansing Foam 1 to wash your hair, oily and got dandruff which like me we use Foam 2. Then after wash use the Hair Texture Protector and then at night use the Serum 1 or 2 before go to sleep!!!
Simple as ABC!!!