My Philippine Makati Trip

If you never been to Philippine there you are come see see look look where I go at last weekend!
I wanted to visit Philippine long time ago but it just that I don't have the time and gang go! Luckily September got the cheap air fair go manila only B$212.00 saja so I ask my gang to join me!
I went to Makati City for 3 days 2 nights. This is a nice place to visit it just like going to Singapore Orchard road... That place is a place for shopping. Compare with Singapore, KL or Bangkok I think there are some item are cheaper that them especially the shoe there! 
The mall there a huge Bruthers and is connect connect and connect! Glorietta from 1 to 5 that is huge no way you call one day finish. Then around that area got Greenbelt, Landmark, SM, all this places I think 4 days can make you legs putus sudah!
If you are a 42K runner I'm sure no problem for you!
Me see a lot of things to buy but too bad is not for me..If my wife come I'm sure she gila happy one! This trip I only buy one Hulk T-shirt saja, I bring B$800.00 and only spend B$400.00. Got makan, hotel and taxi plus tips! 
This trip at first I was thinking sure cancel one because of the Typhoon but lucky angel stand on my side! If didn't hit Manila, flight landed safe and it just raining there when we arrived! But unfortunately this wind take away more the one thousand of life there!
We arrived at night 9pm so there is a day wasted there. We straight check into our hotel and there is a good news when we check in!

We book our hotel room via Agoda. We book 2 suite at Somerset Makati guess what... we are upgraded one room to their Penhouse! Each of us only pay B$260.00 for 3days 2 night! Awesome right!!!

Check this out!!! This is my room Bruthers...

The next day we went to makan at Greenbelt!! I was Wow... why the mall there got 1,2,3,4,5...... that's huge bruthers!

 The mall here their design are unique! Not like what I see at KL, SG and BKK!!! Worth to come here... thumbs up!

we choose makan Singapore foods! This place got we many award oh don't play play!!!

This already can prove their foods a nice sudah!

This is yummy!!!

Pandan Chicken.. you already know right!

 The sauce is really nice! mix with your rice super match!

 Let's start our Brunch!! 

 Shopping shoes... Philippine is a very good place to do!!

 Finally my first time I see in real the Philippine famous taxi Jeepney!!

Now sambong to Landmark!!! 

I can smell that the Christmas is coming to town!

 This place is big like a football field!!! now you see only on my right hand side saja!!

Wow... all of sudden I feel like walk into another world!! I think this is Glorietta if I'm not wrong!

I guess this is still new coz inside still have many shop not rent yet!

  My friend want to buy more shoes but first request the sell person to pose take picture first!
 Hey Bruthers.. you are biker than must come here and look for your gears at Glorietta5 Motoworld!!

 Banyak choices and is cheaper than others!!

 Can I wear this to party tonight???hehehe

 For bikers I don't think I need to tell who's helmet is this lah!! only three hundred plus saja bro.. cheap right!

 Then the next shop we go is here! Marvel fans this is your heaven and also this is the only place I bought something for myself of this Makati trip!

I try to.... Ah......

Wait one day you see me wear this ok!! Eh this cost me B$49.00 only!!!

 Went walk out the mall... Next is this Mall. this place never make you stop shopping Bruthers!!

 Again sambong to SM... I taxi driver told me the owner is the richest man in Philippine!!

 Who want this IronMan motobike helmet? Only B$100.00.. isn't that cheap??
 After the whole day go shopping we went to a place call Huff & Puff to buy some stock!!

 Go facebook and add them... Click Here!

 Wow... so many macam-macam gadget for their electric smoke stuff lah!

 I have no idea what is all this for!! smoke also macam-macam connect here connect there!

 I think even Marlboro flavor also and find here! 

 Some part he custom make for the electric cigi! Awesome lah this man!!

After the Huff & Puff we went to this place at so call Bonifacio. We makan at the restaurant called New Orleans!! Don't play play the foods here really nice! Address see my receipt below!

 What do you think?? Nice??

 First must order their Grilled Oysters!

 And this is a bomb in your mouth!! It call Devilled Eggs!! I'n not kidding is really nice!  

 Oyster Rockaefella!!! Must try..

 Awesome steak I have here!!

I started miss this rid already!! yummy...

 Here are the address! 

Three of us only eat B$114.00... ok lah not so expensive lah!

To be countinue makati trip day two!!