My Philippine Makati Trip 2

This is our day 3 in Makati city and also our last day here! Lepas makan lunch we have to rush to the airport! Bruthers I got a very good driver here in Makati. My new friend in Makati call him Dan V. Rosellon 09395877117 say I'm introduce one give you special prices! Look for him as your driver there! 
He been a taxi driver here for 20 years already so don't worries no place he cannot bring you there!

This is his contact!

 This is the place we had out brunch Heaven & Eggs!!

 We all really hungry like wild dog bruthers!! lol

 Wow... don't play play oh!! See the security guard here all got gun one!! 

 Yahoo.... this is the famous ice-cream when you come Manila must buy one and bring back home! Don't worries it melt coz it got dry ice inside the box and last for 13 hours!!! I buy one box for my kids around B$40.00 like that! Worth lah...

 This is the Manila airport!! Not much things to buy in there!

 He he he... Andrew also same flight with us but too bad the flight is delay for 5 hours!!

 The RB flight delay and also this is my first time I experience flight delay. People are collect the meal and drink to tahan no hungry lah!

We three decide to have the local cup noodle. I have the Pinoy Chicken noodle!!! Ok lah not so bad!

Everyone are happy to see the 787 dreamliner come a pick we up!!!

I know how the New Car smell like but this is my first time I smell the New plane!! hehehe

This is the money I haven't spent finish!! I'm gonna spent it one more there there!! So who want to go with me again!!! Makati City 2 thumbs to visit here!!