Mitsubishi Pajero 1983

Yap... so this is my next project, I'm gonna restore this classic fist model 1983 Mitsubishi Pajero and started to learn how to drive a 4x4. I actually want to play this after My KK Trip to watch the Borneo Safari of coz I was inspirited by two of my friends during the trip then have this mood to play!
Couple of weeks ago before I start this project I searching for information how to drive 4x4 in youtube (watch here) after I watching the video then I realize is not that easy yo! It require skill, technic, judgement, strong physical mind and guts! Is a wet, sweat, tiring, hot game and I think this is a totally a game for real Man!
The 30 years old Pejero I have here is in good condition just need to touch touch here and touch touch there! Engine is still in good condition no leaking oil, Suspension need to change front and back, Fix the aircon, New Paint and new tyre for her and is all done! The only thing I headache is worry those window rubber hard to find. So next week I have to go Miri see I can find the parts there or not!

30 years under the sun I'm not surprise to see rusty here and there but think about it 30 years already this car really is tough lah!

This is not a problem to fix!!! Next time I want to put a root rack on top of it! 

I need to look for the original steering wheel!!! 

This is a tough engine... 30 years don't know how many hundreds thousand miles had go and it still running well!!