Michelin Lifesaver Gadget

Wow.. this is really a good lifesaver gadget from Michelin macam-macam ada all in one! Hammer, Safety Belt Cutter, Flashlight, Flashing beacon with magnetic base and also this can charge your mobile phone good right!!
Now you get for free just buy any 2 piece of Michelin tyre at SHHco and you can get it free! This is good to have one and put in your car walaupun you don't know when are you going to use it! It may save your or other people life in case of any accident!
I got one for myself and I really feel this is a good gadget, is handing useful and easy to use!

LCD torchlight 

 Use this hammer to smack the window!!!

And that is the shape knife to cut seatbelt!! 

 This is to emergency charge you mobile phone!!

Roll roll roll to recharge the battery!!

 It bling bling light form far far also can see! 

It got magnet so no worry it fall and car from behind can see it when your car rosak on road side!