I'm A Supir of The Day!!!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy very tired coz I got a mission today as a driver sending document more than 25 location in 8 hours more than to 300km here and there! Long time no drive far far and long hour now my back need to look for someone to massage liao!
Is like I'm having a Amazing Trip for whole day! My mission start at this morning 9am jalan from Jurudong. First destination is Tutong town because of demerit point I don't dare to drive fast fast.. 100km slow slow until there. First stop is the PTET Pusat Tingkatan Enam Tutong near the Bukit Beruang. 

2nd Stop is the Rumah Ketua Kampong Tutong!

 Me long time no lepak lepak here sudah!! wait one day bring my family come here Pantai Seri Kenangan play play!!

 After the Tutong heading back to East... 3rd stop Empire Hotel!!

 After Empire tarus go to Serasa makan lunch at the Yatch Club and meet up the Poni Diver boss!!!

 Then next stop is Penghulu Mukim Serasa!!

 Then we not slow down our foot step next is Sungai Akar the tempat buang sampah one!!Oh this place not all people come one unless you want to throw rubbish lah!! Lucky today weather is good so not so smelly lah!

 Then from Sungai Akar go Maktab Sains P.S.B.S

 Next is a bit hard to find which is the H.E.A.R.T #humanitarian #emergency #Aid #response #team volunteers group's HQ at Delima there! 

 After Delima no rest again go to ISB... ngam ngam reach there they finish school!!!

 Here come the next stop... Balai Bomba at Old Airport! 

 Next stop is the MCYS.

 Then turus balik to MIPR... here we got 5 department to go!!! now here start tired sudah!

 After the MIPR we come down to Kg. Air Balai Bomba.... then after that we realize we come to wrong place... we support go to the one at Sumbiling there..hehehe

 Ok salah never mind we continue next stop which is the TOTAL..... Bonjour !!!

 We are chasing the time coz my sending all the things before 5pm!!! Here come the next stop British High Commission.

 Yes... Bandar Police Station also have to come! 

 You know where is this? This is my first time I come to the Balai Bomba at Sumbiling here. I everyday pass by here "the front" now I can see the back is look like this! 

Habis Bandar we heading to Kiarong and arrived here Rentokil Initial by the time already 3:55pm!!! We have to hurry up coz still got few more place to go takut later some office close!
 After Kiarong we turn to Beribi Balai Bomba!! At this stop I almost low batt sudah!

Next is UBD lucky we make it before the door close! 

This is the last check point... JIS!!! finally my mission all done!! Now I can relax liao!