BIBD CE-ALAF 42Km Marathon

Last night when you all having a nice sweet dream some people out there are go for 42Km run around in town! The BIBD 42km marathon kick off at 10pm and I follow my buddy from behind him taking pictures, video, live update at IG and most important thing is safety issue lah mana tau Saturday night fever some fellows mabok didn't the runner hit and run kan! So I all the way follow at the back at double signal from start till finish line! 
The route start from Stadium go to main road then turn back to OGH go up the Sungai Akar roundabout straight to Salambigar... turn back to Menteri and then up hill back to Sungai Akar then Subok... then continue to Bandar pass by Chung Hwa School.... sambong to Supa Save up hill then back to Stadium!!! I follow my friend at the back for 5 and the half hour sit on the moto I also tired apa lagi those runners ran for 42km... I really salute all of them lah! Tahan oh.... Me 5KM also no tahan sudah!! I took a lot of pictures but cannot share it all here I just pick some to show you all.  Do check out the video below ok Bruthers! 

10am sharp kick off!!! Run.... Forest Run!!!

Rob Schneider said.......You can Do it!!! lol

Heading to the Sungai Akar roundabout 

Water Station at the RTB Sungai Akar! 

Now reach Subok heading to Bandar! 

Water Station near Singapore Embassy 

Never Give Up!!

You make it Bruther!!!