Barry Wan At Damuan Park

Do you still remember this place??? Looks very familiar right!! Yes this is the very famous place for steamboat at the Damuan park there back in the late 80's! I still remember my parents bring us to here makan steamboat at night. Lepas makan we play at the children playground there! I don't know what is the reason why it close after that I don't see people open restaurant here anymore. After so many years nearly 20 years once again this place reborn one more time! The Barry Wan (next to Gadong HSBC) took this place and serve steamboat! Now is open daily night time come here eat is the best time, Open until 12 midnight... Come with family after makan go jalan-jalan this place and relax....awesome! If you got friends from oversea bring them here makan also a good choice too!
You can choice to sit outside or inside, I want to sit outside but too bad the rain macam not welcome me and my wife...hehehe

 I still remember the water fountain use to play around there after makan!

 Most of the people come here for their steamboat but if 2 person eat steamboat macam no siok one..

So me and my wife order their Hot Plate Rice... I have this Blackpepper Lamb Chop Rice

 My wife go for something new I also never see before! Fried Rice Wet With Big Prawn!!!