The Wizard of Oz

That's right bruthers.... this is the show I be busy for doing at the backstage this coming 3 days in the Empire Theater! The Wizard of Oz performed by the ISB students! Today is the first show and it nice to bring your children and watch! Ticket available at the Empire Theater, tomorrow got 2 show, one at 1.30pm another one at 7pm. B$15.00 for adult B$10.00 for child. B$40.00 package 2 adults and 2 children! 

 mmmm.... long time no come back sudah... I miss the smell here... Home Sweet Home!!

 My workstation... Miss this place so much!  First try out using my ShureSRH840 with the Midas XL3!
Sound awesome! 

Duck Rice

Last month one of my friend told me a place go duck rice and I should go there have a try. Do you still remember last time I introduce you the place that the restaurant in a shipping container one?? Yes is the one at Boustead Sdn Bhd (Nissan and Suzuki showroom) a small canteen there. If you are new don't know where is this... then Click Here. I was told by my friend the owner now got serve Duck Rice every Monday! I wanted to try eat his duck long time already not too bad always not in the right timing. So this Monday is the right time, no school no work and I went to tried it and I nice as my friend told me! But I know duck is not a bird for everyone, some people hate the smell like armpit same like the lamb but me I love that kind of smell...hehehe!!
I also notice that the boss has put up some few new menu already... so that day I also tried his Wanton Soup...mmm the wanton is nice and big too! Guys you can go there and have a try... remember now only Monday have duck rice if you go there finish duck already try his Clay Pot rice also not bad too!

 So what do you think this Duck Rice?? Big right the duck!!

I love the Wanton Soup! Is big and inside got one big prawn too!

Lunch Time sure full House one...

Long time no come here and they have new menu already... Old Menu Click Here

I saw something I want to try next time I come... which is the Laksa!!

Ronald McDonald Back In Town

Mitsubishi Pajero 1983

Yap... so this is my next project, I'm gonna restore this classic fist model 1983 Mitsubishi Pajero and started to learn how to drive a 4x4. I actually want to play this after My KK Trip to watch the Borneo Safari of coz I was inspirited by two of my friends during the trip then have this mood to play!
Couple of weeks ago before I start this project I searching for information how to drive 4x4 in youtube (watch here) after I watching the video then I realize is not that easy yo! It require skill, technic, judgement, strong physical mind and guts! Is a wet, sweat, tiring, hot game and I think this is a totally a game for real Man!
The 30 years old Pejero I have here is in good condition just need to touch touch here and touch touch there! Engine is still in good condition no leaking oil, Suspension need to change front and back, Fix the aircon, New Paint and new tyre for her and is all done! The only thing I headache is worry those window rubber hard to find. So next week I have to go Miri see I can find the parts there or not!

30 years under the sun I'm not surprise to see rusty here and there but think about it 30 years already this car really is tough lah!

This is not a problem to fix!!! Next time I want to put a root rack on top of it! 

I need to look for the original steering wheel!!! 

This is a tough engine... 30 years don't know how many hundreds thousand miles had go and it still running well!!

BIBD CE-ALAF 42Km Marathon

Last night when you all having a nice sweet dream some people out there are go for 42Km run around in town! The BIBD 42km marathon kick off at 10pm and I follow my buddy from behind him taking pictures, video, live update at IG and most important thing is safety issue lah mana tau Saturday night fever some fellows mabok didn't the runner hit and run kan! So I all the way follow at the back at double signal from start till finish line! 
The route start from Stadium go to main road then turn back to OGH go up the Sungai Akar roundabout straight to Salambigar... turn back to Menteri and then up hill back to Sungai Akar then Subok... then continue to Bandar pass by Chung Hwa School.... sambong to Supa Save up hill then back to Stadium!!! I follow my friend at the back for 5 and the half hour sit on the moto I also tired apa lagi those runners ran for 42km... I really salute all of them lah! Tahan oh.... Me 5KM also no tahan sudah!! I took a lot of pictures but cannot share it all here I just pick some to show you all.  Do check out the video below ok Bruthers! 

10am sharp kick off!!! Run.... Forest Run!!!

Rob Schneider said.......You can Do it!!! lol

Heading to the Sungai Akar roundabout 

Water Station at the RTB Sungai Akar! 

Now reach Subok heading to Bandar! 

Water Station near Singapore Embassy 

Never Give Up!!

You make it Bruther!!!

Audi A7 SportBack

I have many question in my head after I test drive this Audi A7 Sportback, Why such a long car with 16.31 ft and so much powerful and yet can be so easy to drive. I totally don't understand why even a my friend she tiny daily drive a 1.4 cc car not a pro racing driver also can easily handling this 3.0 TFSI V6 quattro with output of 228 kW (310 hp) and 440 Nm of torque up hill like macam nothing.... corner acceleration voom voom also no Under or OverSteer!! Is incredible lah... All I can say Audi really did a good job in this car oh!!!

There is so many safety and good feature in this A7, 10 fingers also cannot finish counting it all.
But I still want to highlight few and share to you all!
First is the breaking system... if you stop at the traffic with D you not need to step and hold on the break one! the car won't go unless you give some minyak lah!!
2: It have 4-mode Audi Drive Select: changes the vehicle’s driving characteristics according to the type of ride.
3: Audi Pre-Sense Rear safety system can reduce the severity of accidents and their consequences in many cases.
4:Audi Side Assist safe lane change system, It help you to alert there is a car next to you when you want to change lane if you don't see the car at the side mirror!!
5:A highly attractive 14-speaker BOSE sound system is offered for the Brunei version.
 6: Ultra lightweight aluminium hybrid construction consisting of approx. 30% aluminium, 45 kg lighter compared to a traditional steel construction.
 And Audi Pre-Sense Rear initiates preventive protective measures in an imminent rear collision (closes the windows, sunroof and tensions the seat belts. If the optional front memory seats are on board, they move into a better position for the passengers)
And there still have many many I cannot finish tell you all... Awesome lah this car!! Wait lah... you wait I kaya I buy this car!!

Barry Wan At Damuan Park

Do you still remember this place??? Looks very familiar right!! Yes this is the very famous place for steamboat at the Damuan park there back in the late 80's! I still remember my parents bring us to here makan steamboat at night. Lepas makan we play at the children playground there! I don't know what is the reason why it close after that I don't see people open restaurant here anymore. After so many years nearly 20 years once again this place reborn one more time! The Barry Wan (next to Gadong HSBC) took this place and serve steamboat! Now is open daily night time come here eat is the best time, Open until 12 midnight... Come with family after makan go jalan-jalan this place and relax....awesome! If you got friends from oversea bring them here makan also a good choice too!
You can choice to sit outside or inside, I want to sit outside but too bad the rain macam not welcome me and my wife...hehehe

 I still remember the water fountain use to play around there after makan!

 Most of the people come here for their steamboat but if 2 person eat steamboat macam no siok one..

So me and my wife order their Hot Plate Rice... I have this Blackpepper Lamb Chop Rice

 My wife go for something new I also never see before! Fried Rice Wet With Big Prawn!!!

Teazone Corner Chicken Rice Yummy!!

If this few day you don't know thinking where to eat or already boring with your regular lunch then I recommended you come here and try their chicken rice here! I vote this Teazone as my best chicken rice year 2013!! I try their CR twice last month already but why today I baru introduce to you all here is because I want to see is the taste same as the first time I try!!! The answer is YES! still the same yummy! Today I call up my friend and introduce them eat... he also a food lover, No good he don't introduce to his friend one.. I'm so glad that he also like the CR here.
This teazone now are run by new owner and now are very famous with their Chicken Rice! Why so famous here, first of all the rice... one biji one biji no stick together one and it smell good too! The chicken got 2 type lah... White and Goreng!! For me both also nice but of coz first try mudt makan the white one lah! Then the chili also different than other... is using Lime not vinegar so is like KL style one but not too hot and spicy!! If you want some additional like vege then you should try their fried bean sprouts with salted fish!!! I like it... yummy!!
If you go try and say no good and there is another place better than them please let me know I want to try it also!!! ok???  thank you!
Talking also much already still haven't tell you where is this place right.... heheh is very easy to find one, It just behind the Maju Motor a.k.a VW there!!! FYI their chicken rice price is 30 to 50 cents higher than others lah but still worth it!

 Do you think we can finish it???

 Look look look..  the chicken skin is yellow one oh!!! This are the best type if chicken for Hainan Chicken Rice

 Roasted Chicken Rice also nice too!!!

 It look simple but really nice yo!!!

 You seldom see people selling CR got serve you this!!!

 I like to mix with their chili....

 This is their bean sprouts with salted fish, the salted fish cut very thin and deep fried it that's why is crispy and yummy!

Less than 15 minutes all gone!!!

Call the number and ask see still got chicken or not before you go makan!!!

One thing bad here is hard to find car park!!!