You Confusing Me Bruther!

This two day I found few thing that is funny and just want to share it with you all. The first one is the I saw a name is DIAM. You should know that DIAM is Shut Up right. At first I really thought that someone father really name his anak DIAM then I ask again they say no.. is a company name! so I look for it in the net and I found they are a Asset Management company… hehehe it make me think of the I have to keep quiet don't let people know I got money in there hehehe
Then the second one making me confuse which is the road sign at the Seria town one of my reader sent it to me! The arrow sign show go right but the police sign tell you go left… hahaha so which one you want us to follow??? Like that do we kana demerit point ka lol.
And the last one is the video that I saw this morning and it make me really LOL. let watch the video see  how 7x13=28!!!!