Why I No Update My Blog!

This been couple of days I no update my blog!  Sorry Bruthers to make you all visit my blog and nothing to see here! The reason I no update is because of my stomach not feeling good for the pass few days... The Heartburn is attack me lah!!! Last time when this heartburn attack me I still can tahan and just one or 2 days it gone sudah. But nowadays is getting worst... this time is about 4 days, sampai I cannot go pharmacy and look for stronger medicine finally this one picture above make me better! Is double stronger than what I eat last time! 
Just sharing this to you all if you have some problem like my try this! Not bad it really cure bruthers!
Now I'm feeling better and  hope that the heartburn don't come again... is not I really no mood to blog oh! Ok now let talk about what's going on for the pass few week lah! 
If you got follow my SNS I'm sure you know here I go and what I do!
Last week I went to see Premier Automobiles Sdn Bhd launching the new Ford Fiesta!

Nice right the new look of the Ford Fiesta it looks very sporty! Before the launching I was invited to test drive the car! I really impressive the new 1.5 liter Ti-VCT engine churning 112PS of power and an impressive torque of 140Nm as well as Ford's innovative best-in-class six-speed, dual-clutch automatic PowerShift transmission. 
This car also very save minyak good for down town use. If use it for pick up kids from school, go pasar then go back work cari paking etc... oh ngam lah!!!

Guest and visitors take a look of the car! 

Peace bruther... lol @Djdaffy 

For the smartphone kaki you'll like this feature!

Another new feature worth mentioning is the ECOmode. It is a software beased feature which monitors and analyzes the drivers ‘eco driving’ techniques to help them achieve maximum real world fuel economy. It monitors parameters such as vehicles speed, engine rpm, engine torque and engine temperatures and helps the driver adjust his or her driving style to be more fuel efficient.
Eh..... It looks like I no pass here by looking at this photo.....hahahah

The space is big and just nice!!!

Next.... what are the things happening last week is there is someone, people or gang are now curi for your water meter! My friend's workshop just kana curi around the whole block at Ban 5 there! About 10 water meter kana curi in one night! At first I was thinking maybe is someone sabotage the landlord or the owners. Then after I post in IG, FB, twitter then I know in a night there is another 2 places kana curi... which is in Lambak and Muara too!
I really curious why this kind of things also got people want to curi. Then my reader from Malaysia they told me this is happen for some time already in the country and now baru blow here!
So Bruthers.... we all better jaga good good you own water meter now oh!!

This is on my friend's workshop at Ban 5

This is from my another friend's saloon at Lambak one!!!

So I was having bad days but I still look for something to entertain myself!
I finally get the highest score of my vantage Nintendo game. Those oldies game only 999 score saja... once hit 1k it go back to 0 but the record still show 999 lah! Oh I know it sound ridicules why the technologic like that one... that is why the last century computer have this Millennium bugs a.k.a Y2K problem lo!!!

 Last is this news lah!! Today finally one of my favorite points open balik... the old Yaohan at Batu Satu now is the FreshCo.
This place not fully open yet coz there is still some shop under renovation! The Gloria Jean's Coffee opened at ground floor!! Auntie Anne not ready yet, basement supermarket also not yet too!
I used to hangout this place when I was a teen so now it reborn again and I live near this area too.. so next time people want to meet me or hangout I'll tell them come here and meet...hehehe
I don't want go gadong and jam like stupid there sudah! 

What I think about this place??? Eh... is much more better than before of coz! It look like a Mini Mall for me. No more like a Department store.... Basically is like a Miri Parkson(old) but smaller size lah!
1st floor is the All Season restuarant and a Japanese restaurant on the other side is the ball room.. so kalau someone want to do wedding and makan there can sudah and foods from All Season loh!