Recondition My Mum's Car

For the pass two weeks this is what I doing! I was everyday went to see my mum in law car see how it doing! I sent my mum car to one of my friend's body workshop to paint her car! My friend's workshop is located at the Ban 5 industry area! If you also interested to paint your car I strongly recommended you come here. His prices is reasonable no suka-suks hati potong people one. What you pay is double worth for the workmanship. He also provide social network service which mean that everyday he Whatsapp you the picture of where they had done your car! So you can monitor how is your doing and what materials they use on your car.
Like my mum car.... Some time I busy no time to take a look how they do Mr. Yong just send the pictures to me and I was looking at the car how is transforming from a ugly old lady to a hot and sexy girl!!
I want a very good tiptop paint job on this car so I also choose the very good brand car paint lacquer and undercoat! I'm sure you all want to ask how much he charge me... eh.. as I say.. the prices is worth for it. You want to paint make sure you bring you car let Mr. Yong see first and let him quote you the price. Now my mum car is using the same quality paint and lacquer like BMW, Benz one.. don't play play oh!! At least it can tahan 5 years no run the paint!!! If this car is I'm the one who take care sure can tahan another more 5 years!!! Now lets go see my mum car from Ugly to Pretty!!!
This is the first day she look like!! Bumper, Bonnet, Top, Booth all paint korap sudah!!
And the lamp also yellow too!

I really don't know how it can become like that with the paint!

This side is better!!! Not much big problem.

The top is the worst one... 

This side is last time kana people hit. The paint job not good coz using lauya quality paint and lacquer

This is small problem... change the new one better!

Second day is strip off all the lamp, door panel and the Dead Paint!!!

I prefer the car look like this way... hehe sporty kan!!

Then the next day is spray the good quality undercoat!! From front to top to the back!!!

Wow... from here you can see how good is their job already!

The whole top all new undercoat!! Now have to wait it to dry.

Next day is to sand paper the car... make sure is Smooth like a Tofu!!!

After sandpaper sudah now have to give sun bathing and also under the sunlight to see got Flower or not! is have then have to sandpaper it again!

Is smooth now!!!

Nice and smooth with the bonnet!!!

Then the next day is spray time!!! Now you see is the first coat of paint!!!

Like that already look very nice... it look like a a Champaign color!

This is the second coat of the paint!!! Now is look more nicer!

After awhile it start the first lacquer!!!

You can see you car how they spray through the window! Two master car paint doing my mum car!! hehehe

I'm don't know how to pronouncing the name of the Lacquer. They just call it Chop Burung coz the logo is a bird!

Now you see this one is second coat of the Lacquer.

Nice.... Kilat gao gao!!

Don't play play oh!!!  side also very kilap and see the reflection of the wall~

The the again the next day is take off all the news paper and like it fully dry!!
Now I can see is like a new car here!

Sexy baby!!!

See... very Kilat right.... but still have many things to do! Have to sandpaper first and make sure the dusts and dirty stuff on the paint!

To wait for the paint go for anther stage.. we went to buy the lamp of the car~
This is new one is make by glass so more tahan! The old one is plastic!

The side signal only cost me B$15.00 saja! This one is plastic one.. too bad don't have glass!

 Ok.... the next day is spray the car door handle Mudguard and side mirror!!!

 Same... sand paper first then under coat!!!

 Then the first layer of paint!

 Then second layer of paint!!!

 Again same giving them 2 layer og lacquer 

Perfect lah!!!

While waiting for the side mirror paint to dry... they started to sand paper the car just buang the dirt and dust to make sure it must kilat! 

 Mr. Yong polishing the car!!

 Done!!!! This is the final work!!

Awesome like new now!!

 Superb kilat!

 Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

 This is the old look!!!

Check out the before and after!!

Here are Mr. Yong business card!