If so funny with the google translate. No matter how good you write in the chinese if using the google translate to translate into English it will never translate the mean to what you want it be!
Last night I couldn't fall asleep and listening to this song "Second Time of Breakup" sang by Power Station for an hours and I wrote this prose.

其實我的夢想是成為一個搖滾歌手,但是現實生活中且無心插柳成了一個部落客,人算不如天算。如果世界允許我將世界倒流我會在那一天不讓你們走!這首歌真的好棒居然勾起你我過去的點點滴滴。你我站同一個天空下但距離有如宇宙般遙遠。動力火車是我當年其中一隊我喜愛的搖滾樂團直到如今我依然愛他們的歌,對你的愛其實就像他們的歌,一字一句永遠陪伴著我!這首歌曲的mv開頭超有意思,失戀的苦不在於分手的痛,而是終於發現原來我還是一個人生活。有些愛像煙火,一旦燦爛就該接受沈默。 有一段時期我愛寫歌,寫歌時我需要在一種忐忑,孤單,思戀,複雜的心情中才有靈感。但今天的我再也無法尋找回我的音符,那是因為我已學會放手,寬容,體諒。當初的無知是因我的幼稚,男人需要經歷一次刻骨銘心的愛情才能懂得真正的童話故事。眼淚是男人痛與恨的訊號,當沈默不語時就是人生再次回到愛情起跑點。再愛一次,精彩一次讓青春歲月留下我的故事。

In fact, my dream is to become a rock singer , but in real life , and serendipitously become a blogger , unexpected outbreak . If the world allows me to the world back in the day I will not let you go ! This song is really great actually arouse your bits and pieces of my past . You and I stand under the same sky, but the distance like the universe as far away. Power Station is one team I was my favorite rock band until now I still love their songs , love for you is just like their song , word by word with me forever ! The beginning of this song mv super fun , romance is not bitter break up pain, but finally found out that I was a person lives. Some love like fireworks , once brilliant due to receive silence. There was a time I love to write songs, writing songs when I need one kind of apprehension, lonely , long for , mixed feelings in the only inspiration. But today I can not look back to my notes, it is because I have learned to let go , tolerance, understanding. The original is because of my childish ignorance , men need to experience a memorable love to know the real fairy tale. Tears of pain and hate men signal , when silence is life when you love to return to the starting point . Love again , brilliant once again for youth leaving my story.