Play Happy Kitchen Sushi With Kids

How to be a good daddy.... simple just go online ebay or amazon type Happy Kitchen Sushi Kit click order, play it with the kids and they are gonna love you very much.
Few months ago I saw this video post in the FB and I told myself I must buy this and play with my kids and today I did! I bought at Amazon and it took one month to arrive. Not happy with the shipping but I happy to play it with my daughter and niece! 
This is not only a Toy.. Is a DIY sushi candy! It have a lot different kits life Burger, Bento, Cake, Noodle etc but the sushi one is most popular and it taste yummy too!!
Is very easy to make... all you need is patient saja and follow the instruction. Don't know how to read Japanese also never mind.. same like me too I just watch the video and follow saja!

Girls.... are you ready???

Japanese really steady lah... like that of thing also can invented!! 
This small pack the powder inside really smell good!!

This is the rice and mix with water!

Here come the fun part... we making the salmon eggs!!! heheheh 

My niece she kinda nervous...

My daughter making Ikura Gunkan Maki Sushi

Alright... finally all done... so what's next???

Lol I love my daughter's expression.. like daddy too!!