My First Try Gong Cha

Everyday I sure see people post this Gong Cha in their sns since June until now and I still haven't try it but yesterday I finally got a chance to try!
The first Gong Cha in town was open at Kiulap there and very soon there is another outlet open at FreshCo which is just behind the Auntie Anne!
I'm also a person like to drink bubble tea but too bad now I cannot take milk tea anymore because of Milk! Once I drink it in 30 minutes I have to go toilet and bomb Jepun sudah! So it been a while I didn't buy this kind of Bubble Tea!
Hey...  but now no more problem sudah coz Gong Cha got some of the beverage I have no problem with my stomach here! The have some nice drinks with no milk and yet is yummy especially the HanTian 寒天 and Aiyu 愛玉. 
I like Greentea all the time but due me cannot drink milk so long time no try sudah. But this time I try and take a risk their MatCha Milk Tea surprisingly my stomach no pain pain and went to toilet!
Thumbs up!!!

 Next time I want to try the Yum one!!

 Which one is your favorite? I personal like the MatCha.

 Oh I see... is like that! 

 Pose pose pose.... I'm too slow can't get a good shot so just take from here saja lah!

Looking for a job? Gong Cha got vacancy!!!