My Cmoy Arrived

Have you heard about this Cmoy?? Nope??
If you have a good headphone like cost you few hundred or thousand dollar then you'll know what am I talking about there!
For some people who are crazy about sound and love to use headphone to listen they music definitely you need to get a good or high end quality headphone one.... but in some reason although the headphone are very good but still can get the best sound quality coz due to what player you use!
Smart Phone, Mp3 player or computer all this gadget are not enough to push sound, db, mW example the iphone only habe 15mW, macbook only have 43mW all this are only enough for a small little earphone lah but for like my one Shure SRH840 or a Sennheiser HD800 all this where got enough power to push kan! Not unless you have a professional mixer or good hifi lah! So the solution is to get a HeadPhone Amplifier. In the market there is a lot of different headphone amp.. from few hundred to thousand also have like the iFi iCan and Sennheiser HDVD800 this is a good stuff but too bad I cannot afforded!!
So how?? I still need one good headphone amp to with my headphone! Luckily I do a lot of home work and research and I found in the world there is a cheap and good headphone and yet you can DIY yourself too! Thanks to Chu Moy designed this Cmoy! CMoy is a pocket headphone amplifier originally designed by Chu Moy on the Headphone Resource Site and public discussion Forums. I bought it in Ebay with shipping and tax everything less than B$80.00. there is many time of Cmoy and seller who making this but one thing is common one is they are using a peppermint tin to making the Cmoy! So some cmoy are cost a little bit higher because of the unique tin!! I got one from Perth it have Bass Boost function now my headphone the sound is reall awesome lah!

This is how it look like inside the tin! Power run by a 9v bettery. 

One input from your iphone, one output for headphone. Volume control also the on/off switch too! Don't look down at this small tin, it can make your headphone really really loud!!!