Mummy.... Have You Come Here Before?

Looking for a kids clothing? Check out the Redd Boutique located at the Qlap Mall 1st floor.
Eh... of coz you ask a man to choose kids cloths is like asking them to judge India and Africa woman which one pretty! Eh how to judge... both also black aiya DoReMe ABC simply pick one lah! Same to kids cloths... As long can fit just pay and buy lah! Right!!
Same to me too.. I also don't know how to choose cloth for my daughters... this is all my wife job not my! Some how my hand no luck one... everything I pick surely is expensive one.
I really don't know how to see is nice, pretty and cute or not! As long as can wear...OKie!!! But today when my wife saw this picture while I upload this photo she was so excited and asking me to bring here there. She say is nice wanna get some for my daughters!
Eh....... I think this post should let my wife to write lah!! Don't you think so? hehehehe
Ok so Mommy if you looking for cloths for your kids try to take a look here!
Gingersnaps was born out of a deep passion for fashionable children’s and maternity wear. Is a Philippine brand and the price here also very reasonable! For more info please call their number 2231689