I Wish To See Her Dance Again!

Are you still remember her???? I'm sure most of the people in Brunei already forget her exist. Or even you ever see her but also never see her working right! This is a water fountain at the KFC a.k.a Kianggeh Food Court in front Hj Salim store the best satay in town.
The last time I saw her working it was early 80's, I remember my parents always bring us to makan there. After makan we always play around that area and look at the fountain and I remember there is few tortoise in there! Wow... now i think back I was really really a small boy during that time!
So as you can imagine that this water fountain got how many year in there already! In fact is kind of a historical monument tourism attraction place... should we think about to restore it and make it look beautiful and let her dance one more time??
If not this thing also sayang no use sit down there forever lagi??? 

This is where the water come out from lah... but look like there is some kind of head to screw on it one kana curi long long time ago!!!

Oh I See..... now then I know who making this thing here!!!

This is the new look of the KFC now!! 

Very nice now... Got cuci tangan already!!

This is the old look before it Burn!!