Hidden Trash

Bruthers... look I  found a Hidden Treasure Trash at the Kiarong just across the road in font the Balinese restaurant. By looking the rubbish is look like I can tell is the people they regular come here and throw their rubbish here! They are smart now... cleaver enough to choose the place that have no CCTV camera to throw!
Sayang I don't have the license or authorize to catch this people throw the rubbish... If I have wow.. I think I rich sudah! If can come out a rule that everyone can be a spy using camera taking those people simply throw rubbish and get reward isn't it awesome? Everybody got extra job and income.. by the time sure nobody who dare to simply throw rubbish liao..hehehehe then at Kampong Air you see neighbor everyday snapping each other throwing rubbish in the river...hahahah