GHK Bring In New Car Mitsubishi Attrage

Are you looking for a car that is fuel efficient, smart looking, reliable and most important is not expensive one? There you go... Come to GHK motor showroom and take a look of the new car just launching last Friday the Mitsubishi Attrage.
1.2L 12 valve 3 cylinder DOHC MIVEV! Not a big horse power engine only have 76hp this car is suitable for city use! Long distance use also good like people need go up and down working Bandar-KB-Bandar-KB coz it's 21km per liter fuel only!! 
One more thing is this car is not expensive! Under 20K only..... one month 2 hundreds plus only!! Salary low low one also can afford to buy one go home already! 

 What do you think... Ok right, not too small, just nice! 

Got LED daylight also!!The head also look sporty too!  This come if fit the Evo bodykit lagi best! 

Low Spec steering is look like this....

 High Spec is like this one.... Got volume control button! 

This only come with High Spec saja! 

Customer take a look of the engine! 

 There is variety color to chose! 

 Eh.... Sawadeekrap... I don't speak Thai... Me no understand how to use this krap....hehehe