End of Era Own Culture

This day you can easily see the chinese wrong words write in their menu. I don't know that is because the chef no school high high or just guessing the word how to write saja! The boss also no checking just present the menu to the public... this is not only making the adult think this is stupid and also making the our next gen confusing the words! This is remind me in Thailand you easily see this kind of wrong chinese word in the China Town that is because the Chinese people there slowly gonna forget how to write the correct and proper chinese words!
In Brunei still Ok.... not so bad! but there still have a small number of people I think is lazy to search the correct word or think that is not a big deal writing the wrong word!! 
Few days ago I spotted 2 restaurant their menu have a lot of wrong word there! On the top you can see there is a lot of wrong words which I circle it! Either is missing one head or extra one leg!!!
The below one you see are more worst!!! Spotted this at one new chinese restaurant at Batu Satu.. The menu got this dish call.. 幹炒牛肉和粉( Gan Chao Niu Rou He Fen) The first word 幹(Gan) are wrong! Is 乾 not 幹!!!
now the Fried Kuey Tiaw With Beef has become Fxxk Kuey Tiaw With Beef!!!! hahahaha What the Shame!!!
me I don't feel shame speak talk write wrong English because is not my own language but I do not allow my kids don't know our mother's tongue!