Checking Check Check!!!

This day everyone are turn to very busy in the life! We can only remember to do the routine stuff, Go to work, pick up kids from school, meeting etc... Got spare time see Fb, see IG, see Twitter and see my blog! Day by day, today like this, next week like this and next month also like this too! Everyday repeat  and repeat... Then one day baru remember the road tax, driving license. car insurance all expire!
I'm not the only one... many people are also like that, even you after read this post you also notice your driving license road tax all expire too!
Lucky today I send my car to wash and I saw my road tax next month expire..,, if not I really didn't notice and keep on driving saja! But one of my friend she wasn't that lucky lah! 1st day of October she kana road block and found out her license expired some more she drove her husband car (modified) kana tarik to police station! Totally a bad day for
Then tonight I bring my daughter to see doctor at Gadong Central there it was full house so I boring boring go walk around the area then I notice one car the road tax expired 3 months already and yet the owner still driving around in the town! So I more busy body go check all the car there see how many car the roadtax are expire! I surprisingly found there are 3 car road tax are expired. There is one expire 8 months already still no renew and jalan here and there! I not sure is this people car they totally forget about it... house too much car already or no money to renew lah!
But anyway.... Bruthers don't play play oh now!!! Check your see got expire or not don't later kana road block and demerit point... aiyo that time lagi susah oh!!!

This one over 3 months....
 Another one over 3 months.....
 This one jialat!!!!