Brunei Auntie Anne's Opened

Wait.... before we talk at about the foods let's talk about how to pronounce the name first!! How do you pronounce the Anne's?? Is is "Ants" or "Any"??? For some people call it as Auntie Any's... Me I call it Auntie Ant's. I went to check in google is pronounce Ants! So auntie ant or auntie any don't know also doesn't matter lah... the most important is you must know where is this AA are. Still got some people don't know and ask in FB and IG where is this place today!!
Eh.... me and many social media kaki have post and share this AA many times already but yet still got many people don't know where is this place~ Hopefully after this post no one asking me this same questions again lah!
Auntie Anne's is located at the Freshco..... Freshco is located at the Batu Satu the old Yaohan there! 
Ok now lets talk about AA. Today is the soft opening.. Just opened for 10 minutes and the people already queue about 30 meter long sudah! Wow... looks like the Bruneian really support this AA.
There is 3 things I like about the AA.. One is because the outlet just close to my house, second is the prices are reasonable not expensive at all... and the last thing is the taste, It's the same taste I had at Dullas Airport.... I fell like I was there again after my first bite!!
Now of coz the you see many people queue for this AA everyday and sure people complain the service slow... slow also no choice lah coz they want every customers to have the fresh and hot for every bite you eat! Complain slow is Ok lah.. as long as not complain their foods not nice lah!

When I parked my car and came in already many people came early than me and queue up sudah!

The AA stuffs really busy non stop making the famous pretzels.

Muii Hamdani is the first customer of Antie Anne's

Mmm...... Is have to find a way to get my AA... Looks like I have to use some special connection here....heheheheh!!!

The owner told me their stuffs are send to Thailand for special training making this!!!

mmm..... yummy!!!

This is my favorite!!!

Check out the menu and prices!!

This is the one I try at Dullas Airport!

Yeah.... Baby this bring back my US trip memories!!! lol