A Bites of Paris

The Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris of Dorchester Collection hotels has been invited for the second time by The Empire Hotel and Country Club to promote their famous inspired French cuisines from 17 to 27 October 2013 at the Spaghettini.
The hotel is proudly to have 3 experienced chefs on board from The Hotel Plaza Athenee to share their passion in cooking with their culinary and beyond to create unique dishes infused with a world of flavors. As well as, created dishes based on classic French recipes and traditional cooking styles.
The set menu has been specially designed for this French cuisines promotion to showcase some of French’s best loved traditional inspired recipes and ingredients and will include dishes such as starter of sautéed black tiger bruschetta, coral condiment, main course; baked sea bass filler accompanied with cucumber, tomato and black olive, angus beef filler from Australia, brunch lettuce, potatoes “coin de rue”, spicy choron condiment and lamb canon, green and yellow courgetters “au gratin”
End you meal with delicious desserts of chocolate with praline hazelnuts, lemon in a bitter and sour presentation and seasonal fruit “melba”
Royal Skies card holder will be able to earn triple Royal Skies miles when dining during this promotion. Advance booking are highly recommended and for any further inquiries please call 241888

 This are the 3 chefs behind the kitchen!!

 Macam Doctor lah!!!

 Do you know why and what to do with this?

 This is a starter "Grilled Vegetables"

Thanis Lim.... Hurry up feed me!!!

 Eh... Sorry I come to eat not to learn!!! lol

 Next is the main course... Lamb.. yummy!


 Here come the  Saddle of Lamb

 Here come we learn how to make the dessert! 

Exotic Fruit Melba this is really nice!