Out To Nature 2

Bruthers if you missed the Part one and here are the second opportunities to join again! Once again the KPA Brunei is organize another Out To Nature 2 open to KPA member(B$10) and non member(B$15)  date: Sunday, 24th November 2013!
This is a very good outdoor activity take a look on the other side of B.S.B the Pulau Berambang. If you never been there then you should join them and take a look of the place! I joined this few months ago and it really fun there! People using moto more than car.... even a kids also can ride moto there.
The trip also bring you to see many thing like the famous Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang, Lubang Arang Batu, Gua Kelawar Gua Batu Kapur, Bukit Batu Berpangkat, Telaga Puteri and eat lunch with kampong style!!
So enroll now call 2790799 or download the form HERE  and is limited seat bruther so hurry not later than 18th November 2013 12:00 noon ok!
Click HERE to view again during my visit Out To Nature 1.

I'm proud to be here...hehehe

I Wish To See Her Dance Again!

Are you still remember her???? I'm sure most of the people in Brunei already forget her exist. Or even you ever see her but also never see her working right! This is a water fountain at the KFC a.k.a Kianggeh Food Court in front Hj Salim store the best satay in town.
The last time I saw her working it was early 80's, I remember my parents always bring us to makan there. After makan we always play around that area and look at the fountain and I remember there is few tortoise in there! Wow... now i think back I was really really a small boy during that time!
So as you can imagine that this water fountain got how many year in there already! In fact is kind of a historical monument tourism attraction place... should we think about to restore it and make it look beautiful and let her dance one more time??
If not this thing also sayang no use sit down there forever lagi??? 

This is where the water come out from lah... but look like there is some kind of head to screw on it one kana curi long long time ago!!!

Oh I See..... now then I know who making this thing here!!!

This is the new look of the KFC now!! 

Very nice now... Got cuci tangan already!!

This is the old look before it Burn!!

Movember Is Coming

Wah… fast really fast.. now already November. It tell me is end of the year sudah. Money not year otong enough now already almost finish the year~
Here come the November… So you will not surprise to see me no shave.. my face will look like lose gambling at casino lol.
That is because I support the Movember. Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women across the globe join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues – specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.
Are you joining Bruther???
On this coming Friday at TCY Peugeot they also support for this campaign too so see you there Bruthers!

You Confusing Me Bruther!

This two day I found few thing that is funny and just want to share it with you all. The first one is the I saw a name is DIAM. You should know that DIAM is Shut Up right. At first I really thought that someone father really name his anak DIAM then I ask again they say no.. is a company name! so I look for it in the net and I found they are a Asset Management company… hehehe it make me think of the I have to keep quiet don't let people know I got money in there hehehe
Then the second one making me confuse which is the road sign at the Seria town one of my reader sent it to me! The arrow sign show go right but the police sign tell you go left… hahaha so which one you want us to follow??? Like that do we kana demerit point ka lol.
And the last one is the video that I saw this morning and it make me really LOL. let watch the video see  how 7x13=28!!!!

Play Happy Kitchen Sushi With Kids

How to be a good daddy.... simple just go online ebay or amazon type Happy Kitchen Sushi Kit click order, play it with the kids and they are gonna love you very much.
Few months ago I saw this video post in the FB and I told myself I must buy this and play with my kids and today I did! I bought at Amazon and it took one month to arrive. Not happy with the shipping but I happy to play it with my daughter and niece! 
This is not only a Toy.. Is a DIY sushi candy! It have a lot different kits life Burger, Bento, Cake, Noodle etc but the sushi one is most popular and it taste yummy too!!
Is very easy to make... all you need is patient saja and follow the instruction. Don't know how to read Japanese also never mind.. same like me too I just watch the video and follow saja!

Girls.... are you ready???

Japanese really steady lah... like that of thing also can invented!! 
This small pack the powder inside really smell good!!

This is the rice and mix with water!

Here come the fun part... we making the salmon eggs!!! heheheh 

My niece she kinda nervous...

My daughter making Ikura Gunkan Maki Sushi

Alright... finally all done... so what's next???

Lol I love my daughter's expression.. like daddy too!!

Brunei Auntie Anne's Opened

Wait.... before we talk at about the foods let's talk about how to pronounce the name first!! How do you pronounce the Anne's?? Is is "Ants" or "Any"??? For some people call it as Auntie Any's... Me I call it Auntie Ant's. I went to check in google is pronounce Ants! So auntie ant or auntie any don't know also doesn't matter lah... the most important is you must know where is this AA are. Still got some people don't know and ask in FB and IG where is this place today!!
Eh.... me and many social media kaki have post and share this AA many times already but yet still got many people don't know where is this place~ Hopefully after this post no one asking me this same questions again lah!
Auntie Anne's is located at the Freshco..... Freshco is located at the Batu Satu the old Yaohan there! 
Ok now lets talk about AA. Today is the soft opening.. Just opened for 10 minutes and the people already queue about 30 meter long sudah! Wow... looks like the Bruneian really support this AA.
There is 3 things I like about the AA.. One is because the outlet just close to my house, second is the prices are reasonable not expensive at all... and the last thing is the taste, It's the same taste I had at Dullas Airport.... I fell like I was there again after my first bite!!
Now of coz the you see many people queue for this AA everyday and sure people complain the service slow... slow also no choice lah coz they want every customers to have the fresh and hot for every bite you eat! Complain slow is Ok lah.. as long as not complain their foods not nice lah!

When I parked my car and came in already many people came early than me and queue up sudah!

The AA stuffs really busy non stop making the famous pretzels.

Muii Hamdani is the first customer of Antie Anne's

Mmm...... Is have to find a way to get my AA... Looks like I have to use some special connection here....heheheheh!!!

The owner told me their stuffs are send to Thailand for special training making this!!!

mmm..... yummy!!!

This is my favorite!!!

Check out the menu and prices!!

This is the one I try at Dullas Airport!

Yeah.... Baby this bring back my US trip memories!!! lol

Ford Focus on track to retain world’s top-selling vehicle nameplate crown for 2013

Ford Focus, the best-selling vehicle nameplate in the world in 2012, retains the title for the first half of 2013. In addition, Ford Fiesta ranks as the fourth best-selling vehicle – making Ford the only brand to have two nameplates among the global top five best-sellers, according to Ford analysis of Polk global vehicle registration data.  Ford Focus grew 20 percent in the first half of 2013 from the same period last year, to 589,709 vehicle registrations, driven primarily by increasing demand from customers in China and other Asian countries. Focus in China is up 137 percent from 2012, to a total of 202,380 vehicles, making China the single biggest global market for the car with one-third of Focus sales. Xiao Bing, a 31-year-old sales manager for an IT company in Beijing, is one such new Focus customer. “The new Focus looks high-tech and meets my aesthetic expectations,” Bing says. “It has significantly changed from the previous model. The car’s handling is great. When I test-drove it, the new Focus cornered smoothly. Overall, it’s the best combination of looks, performance, value and fuel economy.” 
Customers are responding enthusiastically to Focus in other Asian countries, as well. Through September, Ford reports Focus sales are up 193 percent in Indonesia, 72 percent in both the Philippines and Vietnam, and 42 percent in Thailand.   Ford Fiesta joins Focus among the five global best-sellers, and earns the top spot as the best-selling subcompact car globally, with 356,434 units registered in the first half of 2013.  “Fiesta is off to a terrific start, and Focus just keeps getting better – especially in China,” said Jim Farley, Ford executive vice president, global marketing, sales and service and Lincoln. “This is One Ford at its best: great-looking vehicles with great fuel economy, leading quality, technology and fun-to-drive personalities.” Combined, global registrations of Ford’s small car – Fiesta and Focus – total 946,143 vehicles for the first six months of the year, representing an 8 percent increase. 

Sleeping Beauty Coming New Month!!!

Oh yes.... I been waiting for this kind of event in town for years sudah! Every time expo expo saja nothing special one! We should have some more like this kind of event suitable for family day one. I remember we ever have Disney On Ice and  Circus but it was long time ago and the last show that really awesome was the Korea "THE JUMP" performed at Empire Hotel! 
Where come another one I must go watch... Last time I always bring darling but this time I bring my wife and kids one whole family can watch it! I'm sure my daughters guaranty like this SLEEPING BEAUTY story coz she always like to play the princess princess toys in the room and now got this Sleeping Beauty on Skate... hehe not on ice ok jangan salah oh!
The performance and teams are from Australia so I think the Princess Aurora should be a angmo lah!
The show are perform at the Berakas Indoor Stadium for ticketing inquiries contact 8808833, 8275777. Show start on 29th Nov till 2nd Dec 2013 total 9 shows! ticket got $18.00, $28.00 and $38.00 and also got Lucky Draw!!!

New Restaurant At Core

Wow... I kinda lost count how many KFC opened in Brunei already. Me always tapao at the Batu Satu there so seldom go others like Yayasan, Gadong Central or Kiulap one! Now there is another branch opened today at UBD the Core! This is not only for the Uni students, for outside people also can come here and order makan or tapao! This is also convenient for people who work at Empire Hotel, DST, teachers and students from JIS too!! Too bad at the moment there haven't got selling the Egg Tart if not I'm sure my wife guaranty come here tapao one!!!

After the cut ribbon officially I'm the first customer here..hehehe! 


If so funny with the google translate. No matter how good you write in the chinese if using the google translate to translate into English it will never translate the mean to what you want it be!
Last night I couldn't fall asleep and listening to this song "Second Time of Breakup" sang by Power Station for an hours and I wrote this prose.

其實我的夢想是成為一個搖滾歌手,但是現實生活中且無心插柳成了一個部落客,人算不如天算。如果世界允許我將世界倒流我會在那一天不讓你們走!這首歌真的好棒居然勾起你我過去的點點滴滴。你我站同一個天空下但距離有如宇宙般遙遠。動力火車是我當年其中一隊我喜愛的搖滾樂團直到如今我依然愛他們的歌,對你的愛其實就像他們的歌,一字一句永遠陪伴著我!這首歌曲的mv開頭超有意思,失戀的苦不在於分手的痛,而是終於發現原來我還是一個人生活。有些愛像煙火,一旦燦爛就該接受沈默。 有一段時期我愛寫歌,寫歌時我需要在一種忐忑,孤單,思戀,複雜的心情中才有靈感。但今天的我再也無法尋找回我的音符,那是因為我已學會放手,寬容,體諒。當初的無知是因我的幼稚,男人需要經歷一次刻骨銘心的愛情才能懂得真正的童話故事。眼淚是男人痛與恨的訊號,當沈默不語時就是人生再次回到愛情起跑點。再愛一次,精彩一次讓青春歲月留下我的故事。

In fact, my dream is to become a rock singer , but in real life , and serendipitously become a blogger , unexpected outbreak . If the world allows me to the world back in the day I will not let you go ! This song is really great actually arouse your bits and pieces of my past . You and I stand under the same sky, but the distance like the universe as far away. Power Station is one team I was my favorite rock band until now I still love their songs , love for you is just like their song , word by word with me forever ! The beginning of this song mv super fun , romance is not bitter break up pain, but finally found out that I was a person lives. Some love like fireworks , once brilliant due to receive silence. There was a time I love to write songs, writing songs when I need one kind of apprehension, lonely , long for , mixed feelings in the only inspiration. But today I can not look back to my notes, it is because I have learned to let go , tolerance, understanding. The original is because of my childish ignorance , men need to experience a memorable love to know the real fairy tale. Tears of pain and hate men signal , when silence is life when you love to return to the starting point . Love again , brilliant once again for youth leaving my story.

Epson Mascots In Town

Concepts Computer will be making their presence in the 5 days ASEAN Expo 2013 at Bridex International Hall. Through the event, Concepts computer hopes to strengthen their company’s name by widening their clientele to the international market and also to improve IT literacy for Brunei.                                                                 The Core activity of Concepts Computer is in Computers, Printers, Software and IT related products, solutions and services. And the nature of their business is in retail and the distribution of IT products in Brunei Darussalam. By joining the ASEAN Expo 2013, Concepts Computer hopes to get greater exposure in the ASEAN region which would help Concepts Computer to create stronger and better partnerships in the Global market.   Concepts’ vision is to provide the highest possible quality in terms of products and services, which is why Concepts have partnered with major brands like Acer, Epson, Microsoft, Panda Security, Western Digital, Apacer, APC and Logitech, each a well-known and trusted global brand-name for their sector of IT products and services.   During the ASEAN Expo, Concepts will also have Epson Bottle Ink mascots, running around entertaining children and offering up photo opportunities. (Attached is a picture of what Epson Mascot will look like)   Along the way to fulfilling the vision, Concepts Computer will be providing job opportunities to locals only and to build upon and improve the state of IT literacy in Brunei Darussalam.