U.S. Embassy Brunei Darussalam Flying Half-Mast

Today is the 911 the USA kana attacked back in 2001. so fast now already 12 years  and I still remember that time I went to my brother house at Kg.Mentiri there.. just masuk the house for awhile and saw the second plane crash into another World Trade Center in live CNN news channel!!
And from that moment I know is something wrong... this is not a accidents... jialat liao!!
Now 12 years sudah this year I visited the Newseum at Washington DC a News Museum I still can feel the sadness in there! Especially I stand in front of the antenna that from one of the tower!!!
Every visitors came to this corner sure the turn on the Silence Mode quietly read look at the photo and read the stories! There is a room playing the video during the attack you see people walk out the room with red eyes and tissues especially the ladies.
Me no go in and watch coz I know I cannot tahan one... sure walk out with read eyes tu!
I still remember during the day the CNN camera man capture a man jump out and fall from the building like skydiving... In my mind I think that the man he is rather jump down and die better don't burn by the fire, sure he already know is hopeless sudah no way can survive people come a rescue him! 
This is the only time I watch the news CNN live no sensor telling us this is not a Hollywood special effect!! Kasian lah I see the people die in front from my eyes from the TV there! 

Nobody like War but I love WWE War Is Raw. Today I learn something here... War Is Peace!!
War need to sacrificed some live and exchange the Peace! From ancient until today is still the same! 
Look at the history every century also have war at every corner.... aiyo sudah nak stop lah!!

This place Newseum must visit if you go Washington D.C

You don't feel like want to smile taking pictures here!!

 This is all the news paper headline from around the world during September 11

 This belong to one of the journalist that found under the WTC!!!

 This is the room that play the video during the 911. Tissue are ready for you in front the door!