The Real Moon Cake

Hehehe... This is the real Moon Cake that look like a moon as my birthday cake this year! This is not the chinese salted egg york lotus moon cake lah! My is special make by the Mr.Bakers chef at Batu Bersurat there! Inside is the chocolate cake..nice and yummy my kids all like it!
Why I want to choose moon cake?? I also don't know maybe is because the chinese Moon Cake fest is coming soon kali!! 
Anyway.... thanks for all the greeting, message at FB, IG and sms really appreciated bruthers~
This year not much special or fancy celebration lah.. just me and my wife go Champaka Kitchen simple simple makan saja lah! Not big party or makan...mmmm next year lah, next year is BIG AGE i'm thinking to make a big party lah!
Now doesn't matter big party or small party... as long as got someone at home birthday the kids is the one happy there! like my cake where got my chance to blow the candles!! All is the kids blow and saliva on the cake!!! Next week is one of my maid birthday then next 2 weeks lagi is my daughter and my mother in law's birthday.... September banyak people birthday lah!!

Who want my MOON CAKE???