The New Acer Iconia W3

Before I tell you this new garget that just launched 2 days ago at Concepts Computer I think I want to talk about the price first lah! The Acer Iconia W3 tablet will be able at Concepts Computer for B$528.00, with student's Rebate of B$88.00 for a promotional price of B$440.00 for the 32GB. The 64GB one is B$658.00 after student's Rebate of B$88.00 for a promotional price is B$570.00!!
Fyi the 32gb one are not come with the bluetooth keyboard only the 64gb one have! So now you clear already ya... Don't later to go buy 32gb one and blame no no keyboard...hehehe

Ok now lets talk about this new Acer Iconia W3. For me got keyboard or not keyboard also doesn't matter lah coz it touch screen already wat!!!of coz it look cool and easy and can hide the tablet behind the keyboard! But what I like about this tablet is come with Window 8 and also together Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and Powerpoint!!! Eh hello... you buy one original also mau hundred plus lah!!! 
That's why I was surprise when I hold it on my hand! As far as I know normally is run by Android Jellybean etc but this is window 8!! Isn't that awesome???
I think I just need this go around and update my Ig, FB and Blog sudah.. to bad IG must use Apps if not this W3 sure I kindap one go home!! hehehe

Acer debuts industry's first 8 inch Window 8 tablet!