She Is 4 Years Old

Yes I know... time goes fast right!! Today she celebrate her 4 years old with her classmate at the Jungle Gym. I just let her invite whoever she want to invite lah... sekali all come are girl, it looks like a Lady's Night there! This year her birthday cake is the Mermaid make by the Mr. Baker's . We just buy the Mermaid doll and give to the baker and we really surprise to see that the baker make it she sit on the coral and her friend Flounder next to her! The money we pay is totally worth it lah! 
This is my first time I saw her so happy none stop for 3 hours start from house to jungle gym and back to house open her presents.
Now I very tired.. from morning do this do that, go here go there all because for her.... Now I need to rest tomorrow baru continue blogging lah!