Samurai Chop Chop Chop!!!

The other day someone was asking me when was this Beef Samurai Burger available... Bah now ada sudah lah.. It start tomorrow bruthers!! Aiyo... don't say you lah, I also wait for this very long sudah lo!
Now finally arrive to town! FYI is Limited Time Only oh.... if you miss it sorry lah ninja go home sleep you have to wait for another season
So tomorrow if you want to makan free one...can!!! Tomorrow I buy for you only if you wear look like a Ninja I 100% belanja you one Samurai Meal with drink(no Tapao)!!! Only for the first 5 Ninja at 11:30am-12 noon 25th Sep 2013!!!!
See you tomorrow Ninjas!!!!

McD staffs putting up the banner liao!