Oh My Glasses Arrived In Town

Oh My Glasses is founded in 2011 and is of the few local, fasninable, eyewear brands that are design-orientated in Hong Kong. This OG are very popular and hot in many counties and now are finally arrived in town!!! There are many Hong Kong celebrities wearing this glasses! Why is so unique and people loving it now? Simple.. coz you are one and only wearing it the glasses and no one have the same glasses like your in town. In every country the are giving one design of the glasses so no way you see other people wearing the glasses in town like your unless they bought from other country lah.... That's is why is call OH My Glasses!!! Now only available at New Plus Optical Gadong Abdul Razak complex there! New Plus Optical now have variety chooses of Oh My Glasses surely there is one OG that you like. For more info Oh My Glasses you can call 2453421/2 or come to the shop No:5 Ground Floor, Block E, Abdul Razak Complex, Jln Gadong. 

 Is very easy cari one lah!! Masuk from Incomm there go straight saja you'll find New Plus there! 

 I like the blue one!!! Nice kan.

More OG to choose!!!

HK super star Aaron Kwok he also use it!!

New Plus also bringing high end range lens to town too! Me I'm this lens now on my new glasses!
Crizal Forte UV is a ultra protection againts UV light and also is the OLNY coating that provide both front and back UV protection for the eyes. Is has the best UV Protection in the market for clear and Transition® lenses measured wit E-SPF, the new global UV Protection index of a lens.

Click the video and watch!

Start from today this is my new look!!!