New Place Makan at JP!!!

When was the last time you lepak at JP? hehehe no only you lah bro... me also long time no come here eat already! I used to like the BBQ chicken wing but I don't know where are the store gone sudah I think closed long time ago coz no people come here eat lah. But now the JP are getting better and better, Got maintain sudah... not like last time macam Walking Dead's town there! I see they have new stuffs sudah at the food court, It also has a mini play ground for kids. It makes me thinking to bring my kids come here and play+makan!
At the food stall there has a new restaurant makan. Remember few years ago I introduce you guys a hut next to the Jerudong road side selling arab foods one (click here)? Ya they move away to yayasan last time and now move to JP sudah! Not only the stall have huge improvement but also their foods too!
Their foods have more choices now and also the taste better a lot especially their Shawarma! But of coz the Cinnamon Roll still the same yummy taste and never change lah!
Today I try their new makan.... The Boneless Chicken!! It has to pre-order one coz it need one day to prepare! Inside the chicken has no bone but got rice!!! The one whole chicken they say can serve 10 person..... For lady I think can lah... If for man size like my I think only for 4 to 5 only lah!
Anyway is still a lot for some people like small CC one, that's is why is worth for B$30.00 lah!
Too bad they only start open at evening, day time afternoon no open! As I say is a good place for lepak-lepak malam here with couple of friends or dinner makan here bring kids play play here!

 This is the stall I talk one lah! From far I tot it was Express fastfood hehehe

 It really looks like a fast food restaurant!!

 Prices I think is reasonable!!!

 Me and my wife like their cinnamon roll!!!

 This is their Boneless Chicken!!!

 The chef show me how to cut it!!

I really surprise to see inside all rice there!

 Even the wings also rice inside!

 New recipe with their Shawarma now!! yummy...

New time I want to bring my kids come here and play!!!