My Reader Marah Sudah Oh

Wa...... can you tell me this rubbish how many days did not clean sudah kan?? Omg so jialat lah Bruthers cannot like that lah, later got malaria mosquitoes disease whole kampong people kana masuk hospital the time habis cerita lah!!!
One of my reader A.I want me share this and wanted this to be done urgent coz the place is like macam the 3rd world country sudah there! Few more days still not clean the rubbish is pileup until the main road sudah! This is at the Pantai Pengkalan Pinang in Penanjong there a place for the residents to buang their sampah there but recently the contractor did not come for pick up the trash and now is getting more and more! Now is already out of control. Mr A.I and the kampong people would like to know what is going on why still no one come to clean it up! They are worries this place one day will effect their living especially the smell now from far also smell sudah! Flies, mosquitos and rats party everyday and night there! 
I told A.I I don't know where to look or who to contact about this issue some more is at Tutong there I no friend there... Maybe he can look for the Ketua Kampong see how lah! Me I just only can tell this story in here saja. Work or no work I don't know but at least I help lah!