My G-Shock Can Paring With iPhone5

Yeah.... Finally it touch down today from Japan! This is the latest G-Shock watch just release last week. It got few few different color... got orange.... My is orange but blue also not nice too!  This is the model GB-X6900B-4JF if you also like it can order HERE!!
What so special about this new watch ka!! many good things and feature it has and better than the old version one loh!!
What I love most is the design and color!! From far far you already can see my watch...hehehe.
It can paring with my iPhone5 iOS7. Push notification/alert with my FB, Twitter, Mail, Incoming Call, Calender. Control my music, Find my iphone even overwrite phone if put in Mute/Silence. Alert me if I forget to take the phone!! Me I wear watch 24/7 so is very useful for me lah.... I go toilet shower, wash car, riding motor... any time also can know got people look for me! Even I sleep phone put to silence also can know.....heheheh
It had to download the Apps in Itunes to paring (bluetooth) the watch. In the apps there is one more feature I don't understand is the Speed Meter! It looks like telling me how fast I go... I not sure lah but I try it next time!
This is a very good watch.... the battery it say can last for 2 years! I'm not sure is true or not lah.. let's see how after 2 years lah!

Need to download this apps first then can paring your iPhone!

I can use this apps to setting what I want my G-Shock to be!!!

This is the instruction show you how using the watch!! to control your music

I wonder how fast it can detect!!! 
Oh.... my facebook got message!! 

Watch the video see how beautiful is the watch!!