Lorry Tikus

I have a friend stay at Kampong Kupang which is at the Jalan Tutong use old road to Tutong town. The road the getting worst... if you thinking want to ride your Ferrari jalan-jalan there... Habis lah your car!! I really curious why how come the road turn to be so bad there.. I remember this road use to be smooth coz I like to use my MX5 to have a Sunset ride over there! Now the road like for off road car to use... lobang and tambah here and there..very jialat! 
After my friend told me the story then I baru know what is going on! The reason why so bad of the road like that is because the Lorry, Truck, Pickup Drivers all cannot tahan kana saman at the highway from Jerudong to Tutong there! sometime even in a day up down up down like that kana saman 4 to 5 times. So no choice they pakai the old road to Tutong. My friend told me there is one time nearly 20 lorry parked at his simpang... then he ask the driver what are they doing here, they say hiding for a while coz the traffic tangkap lorry on the main road! 

From here I can see that they have so call like a community to tell each other where and when have road block. Maybe they also have a group chat or whatapps together tell where cannot go or danger hehehe
You think I'm imagine too much is it?? No you wrong sudah!! Like my house here also the same everyday there is 8 to 10 times Lorry passing by in front my house! My kampong at Tumasek... you have to go up naik the hill one so is hard for big truck jalan... But as long as the Batu Satu a.k.a Seri Complex there got road block Lorry, Ready Mix, Pickup all use my kampong road to go Kiarong, Kiulap or Gadong!!!
If police can come here in the morning road block takap them hahaha nyaman tu!!!
Thanks to them my kampong road also like for off road use one... Everyday I jalan here like I'm in rally ah!!!!

This morning I was behind this lorry from Istana there to my kampong! Don't tell me because use the short cut here are faster coz this lorry go up the hill pun mau take 5 minutes but it save $$$