Jokki Hour

Hahaha... Tonight I got things to show off for my drinking kaki liao! My Jokki Hour just arrive. Few days ago I saw this unique beer mug selling online and I really curious about it what does it mean by the Sparkling Beer Mug!!!
Then I look in the youtube and I found the video. When I saw it at the first time I told myself I had the get one of this mug! What so special about this mug is you once you click on the trigger on the hander your beer is going to create bubble!!! I don't know who to describe how it work lah.. please watch the video below and you understand why is was so cool!!!
 I know some people don't like to drink their beer with bubble but in Japan a perfect pouring beer is must be 70% beer 305 of bubble.. So this mug is the most easy way to let you have perfect on your hand!!!