Is It Typo Or Real?

Today the Apple had just launch their new phone but looks like the iPhone 5c and 5s are not the head story in town today! Coz people in town are more focus on the demerit things that show on the newspaper! I'm not sure is the Typo or is Real but this is definitely making the public more confusing!!!
Even me no school high high one but driving for more than 20 years man also sak-sak when I read it bruthers!!
I really kinda don't understand why (3) switch on the light between sunrise and sunset are wrong??? As far as I know some for Safety reason we should switch on the light during Sunrise and Sunset!!
And as you can see all the Shell vehicles must switch on the light when driving on the road due to the safety lah!
Another one is the (14) Driving Inside The Yellow Box. I think is Stop at the yellow box lah!!!
This morning I share this two photos in my fb and ask people opinions as what I can see I'm not the only one no school high high cannot understand, even those got school high high one also cannot understand too!
From here I can tell people not are worries one day they been demerit and cannot drive, so we are consent this issue here but this Demerit things like not really status very clear and easily understand by the public today! I remember last year I received the small demerit booklet at Tungku Highway that one are more clear and easy understand but why this time make people more sak-sak one!
For me I feel most confusing me to understand the sentences are the (9) No driver or person looking after the vehicle and causing or allowing a person to stand or sit in any position that  obstructs him from controlling his/her vehicle.
Why????? Why a driver or person want to looking after his vehicle causing or allowing other person to stand or sit in any position that obstructs him from controlling his vehicle?????

I'm a very simple mind person here... I'm very direct one!!!
What I see here is Me..... I'm the person,.... I looking after my car..... causing and allowing a person to stand/sit in any position as he like that obstructs me controlling my car!!!!
Which mean I looking at my car on the other hand I playing remote control then that guy stand/sit to obstructs me!!! Is that what the sentence mean ka????
Sak-sak right.... yalah I'm sakit kepala. Is it my fault I write to much Broken~English in my blog and now everyone also follow me!
Anyway... whatever is that please do be more specifics a bit more for the public to understand. I hope is the typo lah... if is real I really don't know how to drive anymore!
 One thing I want to suggest is for those their car got heavy white or black smoke they should get the demerit too!!! Don't you think so? It's not just effected other road user but also air pollution too!!
So bruthers... Drive Safe, No Rush!!!