I'm Young Again...LOL

Aiyo... nowadays the technologic really don't play play oh even hair also now can instance can grown on your head! Like this afternoon after I makan at my friend's restaurant then I kana kidnap by him go to one friend's salon there do demo for him!! I become a hair model for him and demo how to use and work with this Biothik! Is a very simple and easy way to use lah... it give you back your hair look like 20 years old just in 1 minute!
Of coz is not a really hair lah... that is just a some kind of fiber that sprinkle on my hair and it make my hair look thicker saja! After take shower all back to botak
I'm just like other man losing hair one... it just that I'm taller than some people they won't see my hair from top only if I sit down lah. I'm losing hair since I was 23-25 like that but I rajin keep my hair clean and not to oily just to make my hair live longer.. I'm ready one day I'll become a BotakMan so I'm not worry and no malu coz this is normal one lah only for those people who like handsome handsome they are worry no hair lah.. Me aiyo got wife got anak already lost hair just let it lost lah!!!
But today this Biothik give me a back my hair when I was 20 years old again...hehehe! me long time no see me got such a thick hair sudah lo.
What I can say this product just like a magic it just need one minute saja and make my hair grow back!
If you same same like my hair or worst than me and soon going to kahwin don't forget to use this oh... take wedding photo sure look handsome one hahaha!!!
Soon lah.... very soon I think every salon are going to have this product in their shop! 

This is my hair look like before my bruther put the Biothik on my hair!!!

Here are the magic.... don't bling your eyes oh!!


Magic.... did you see like Fake or not??? Not right!!!

This Is Before......

This Is After!!!