IDEAL Cafe & Grill New Outlet

This afternoon I tell everyone in my Ig, Fb and Twitter that the IDEAL having a open new branch ceremony at the Gadong Manglait invite everyone come makan if you did not come then sayang loh!!
Nyaman lah the grill chicken... After so many year makan their chicken this is my first I makan free there ahahah nayman oh Bruthers!!
If say they are open new branch here better I say is they move the old one at Gadong Properties one to here and fyi the old one there will tutup lah,  If I'm not mistaken the Gadong Properties is the 1st IDEAL cafe & grill there! Aiya... move also better lah that place also like no people go jalan-jalan one..  If I not because some go pay Astro or phone bill I also won't go there apa lagi makan there! 

Now this new IDEAL cafe & grill is bigger and also better than the old one. Best part it has more space and seats and also can do birthday party too at upstairs