I Suka It!!!

Today I finally tasted the McD Samurai beef burger! Sure you want to know how was it right! My comments is as like their slogan, I'm Lovin" It!!!
I really like the sauce lah Bruthers!!! How I wish I can tapao home the sauce back home and eat together with rice!
I try the double layer beef yesterday and I really full after eating it! Now if you asking me what is my top burger with McD... I'll say is 1) Samurai 2) Big Mcd 3) Prosperity Burger.
Me long time no eat McD sauce that make me like it one! The last time is 1991 in Singapore my first time I try their McD Nugget it comes with 3 different sauce. I love the Curry sauce and the Sweet and Sour Sour! Now this Samurai sauce taste like the teriyaki sauce... I really like it!
Bruthers... go try it I'm sure you like it! Is a bit sweet lah feel like a makan a Japanese burger lah!
The drinks Sakura McFizz also not bad! Kids sure like it too!

If you want really full full satisfied go get the double layer beef patties!!!

Lol... I try to put all in my mouth!! Too bad my mouth not big enough!

Oh.... this sauce is a Bomb!!!! Watch out......

Checkout their this month Happy Meal kid's toys for your anak!

Barbie for girls, Hot Wheel for boys!!

They also have this new McFlurry Milo flavor!!

I know you all don't like photo right!!! hahahah