I Love This Game!!!

This morning I wake up very early. 5am already sit in front my computer and watching the who is fighting with me of buying this Classic Nintendo Octopus Game & Watch! Recently I gila playing, looking around, offering and buying stuff in Ebay! Last night I was bidding this game! I'm sure many of you had play this game before. During the 80's I remember only 1st Metro at Batu Satu there they selling this. I used to go there and looking on this game. I can't remember how much it sell during that time but now this game had over 30 years already a good condition one at lease over US$150.00 now selling online! 
At last night I saw this awesome condition octopus game selling at Ebay, I bid it for US$125.00 but still didn't win because a guy bid it for US$162.50 at the last 30 second end of biding! Aiya... sayang didn't got it but anyway this item had over my budget too lah!!
So I look for another item also not bad one which is the Parachute!! I remember last time I play this at my friend's house until lunch I also didn't go back home and eat... I can play sampai the monkey on the coconut tree there rang the bell and distracted me!! It was so much fun and lot of memories I had during that time! So how my parents don't buy this for me, I only can play at my friend house so I must get one  of this and collection!!

 This is a very good condition set but too bad I didn't win!! It bid until US$162.00 not yet included the shipping charge US$15.00 so Brunei here will be B$212.40 that's is over my budget lah!!

 At the last 30 seconds I saw it jump up to 162 dollars!

Now I try to get this!!! Wish me luck

Is in good condition!!!